Town Population, updated 5/7/2018

Posted on June 25, 2018

The attached Excel workbook shows my estimate of the impact of MAC redevelopment on the Town of Vienna’s population.  In essence, I ask what would happen if all the MAC-eligible property were converted to buildings along the lines of the first MAC proposals.

By way of a guideline, the Town’s Comprehensive Plan says that they expected 50 or 60 new housing units per year on Maple over the next decades.   The first three project alone have about 250.  And if Giant Food is developed at the same density as Tequila Grande/444 Maple West, the total for the first four will be about 850 new housing units.

In other words, the first four MAC projects in the pipeline already amount to about 15 years worth of the growth that Town had expected to see.  The resulting increase in population will be more than the entire population growth from 2000 to 2010.  And if all the MAC-eligible property is developed at the 444 West Maple density, the Town’s population will increase by more than 50%.  Fully one-third of Town of Vienna Residents will live along Maple Avenue.

See this Excel workbook for details –> MAC population estimate, 7-5-2018