444 Maple West and 380 Maple West are two different buildings, 10/4/2018

Posted on October 15, 2018

It was just brought to my attention that people are now confusing two MAC projects, 444 Maple Avenue West (huge building with 160 apartments) with the newly-submitted 380 Maple Avenue West (huge building with 40 condos).

Let me try to make this clear with two simple graphics.

The picture below is Maple Avenue as it is now.  The building on the left is a 35′ tall office building.   There is not much to distinguish it, but it stands directly across the street from the Amphora restaurant.  By contrast, the big building on the right is the Wolf Trap Motel.  And next to that is Tequila Grande restaurant.

The picture below is a graphic of what has been proposed — so far.  Building on the left is 380 Maple West, 40 condos.  The one on the right is 444 Maple West, 160 151 apartments.

Obviously, not exactly drawn to scale or perspective.  But ballpark.  The new buildings will be close to twice as tall as what they replace.  And they will more-or-less cover the lot.

These are two completely different projects.  The one that was just released (380 Maple West, left) is IN ADDITION TO the one we were already talking about (444 Maple West, right).  Please pass the word.  You are NOT getting a smaller building instead of 444 Maple West, you are getting the 40 condos at 380 Maple West that IN ADDITION TO the 160 151 apartments at 444 Maple West.

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