A few key graphics that I want to keep fresh, 11-6-2018

Posted on November 6, 2018

The first is the count of dwelling units at 444 Maple West, 380 Maple West, and then in the entire neighborhood bounded by Nutley, Maple, and Courthouse.  No mistake, just the first two projects more than double the number of dwelling units.

The second graphic shows the state of property along Maple at my end of town.    Just so you can see the potential for what may happen once they lift the moratorium on new MAC applications (after the next Town election).

On the second assisted living, that’s Kensington.  Falls Church has both a Sunrise and a Kensington, and possibly Vienna will now too.  In addition, the Polish Market building was mentioned by Town Council as likely to be come part of the assisted living development.   That’s why Town Council didn’t hesitate to compromise access to their driveway, from eastbound Maple, as part of the 444 Maple Avenue-derived turn lane changes.

The third is the cumulative new retail space that the Town is requiring to be created.  Already we have heard from the Sunrise assisted living developers that they don’t expect the required retail there to be a revenue generator.  In any case, in a town where there is already a little bit of vacant retail space, they are adding the equivalent of two new shopping centers’ worth of retail.

Finally, I don’t want this one to get lost.   It’s here to remind you that the Giant Food shopping center appears to be in play.  And if the Town allows that to be developed at the current average — which works out to roughly 100 new Town resident per Maple Avenue acre — that right there will be on-order-of 1000 new town residents when developed.