Board of Architectural Review work session 2/15/2019, audio recording

Posted on February 15, 2019

The Board of Architectural Review (BAR) held a work session on 2/15/2019 to provide comments on the new Maple Avenue Commercial visual guidelines.  This is the meeting what was originally scheduled for a week ago, but was (somewhat chaotically) postponed until today.

FYI, most of this meeting is spent in providing detailed comments on the draft visual guidelines.  But a few new items came up.  One thing that I found out here, and had not heard before, is that the Town is accepting emailed comments on these guidelines.  If you wish to send the Town comments, email and please put “MAC comments” somewhere in the subject line.

You can find the Town’s materials for that meeting at this link.

My audio (.mp3) recording of the 2/15/2019 BAR meeting is  available on Google Drive, at this link There is an mp3 (the recording) and an Excel (.xls) file that serves as an index to the recording.

The Excel file gives some notes as to what was being said, along with approximate times within the .mp3 files.  Times were recorded to the whole minute, so you may have to listen to a minute of the recording to hear the part that I noted.  You may occasionally have to back up a minute to catch the correct audio.

I am providing these audio files because, without something like this, you literally have to attend the meeting to know what was said.  The Town of Vienna does not record these work sessions and it often takes them months to post the minutes.  The right of citizens to record these meetings is guaranteed by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

I will provide some comments on the meeting in a separate posting.

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