Post #246: 4/18/2019 BAR meeting, audio file

Posted on April 19, 2019

I’ve decided to put all these files audio recordings of meetings into a single Google Drive directory, accessible at this link.  For this meeting, there is no “index” file because, for me, there were only two items of interest.

Discussion of the Wawa property line fence starts at 15 minutes 45 seconds and ends at around 21 minutes into the recording.

Discussion of Vienna Market/Marco Polo starts at 39 minutes 30 seconds into the recording, and ends around 1 hour 36 minutes.

There are some unintelligible bits due to poor microphone use.  Presumably the Town will post its own audio within a few days, and as always, their audio is better than mine.  You can find the link to the Town’s audio on their website (fifth item down the list, it includes the word “video”, click that, then follow the links.)