Post #294: Another empty storefront filled, and the ghost of Sandy Spring bank is exorcised

Posted on June 10, 2019

This is a brief follow Post #278, regarding the empty retail space next to the Leslie’s Pool store on Maple.  I was curious as to why that storefront had been empty for such a long time.  But, in fact, as outlined Post #278, Sandy Spring Bank (the former tenant) was still paying the rent and trying to sublet the space.

Now, a veterinary clinic/animal hospital would like to move into that space.  This will be discussed at the 8 PM Wednesday June 12 meeting of the Planning Commission.  Materials on that topic are posted at this link.

Oddly, while the advertisement for the space (see Post #278 above) says that it only has 10 parking places, as far as the Town of Vienna is concerned, the entire building is parked as a whole, without division between the two tenants.  This, according to the materials posted at the link above.  Thus, as far as the Town is concerned, the entire complex (Leslie’s Pool and the new veterinary clinic) have adequate parking for the proposed commercial use.

Presumably the space will not be vacant much longer.