Post #299: Town Council will discuss (and maybe vote on) two MAC projects tonight

Posted on June 17, 2019

Tonight, Monday 6/17/2019, at 8:00 PM in Town Hall, the Town Council will discuss two MAC proposals:  380 Maple West (37 condos plus retail, Maple and Wade Hampton) and the Sunrise assisted living facility (roughly 100 assisted living beds plus retail, corner of Maple and Center).

The Town Council may vote on either or both of these new buildings at this meeting.

The meeting materials for the entire meeting may be found at this location.  Items 19-1317 and 19-1316 are the two MAC buildings.

This will be the last Town Council meeting before the new Town Council members Patel and Potter are sworn in, along with returning Town Council member Springsteen.  These are also the last two buildings proposed prior to the temporary moratorium on new MAC buildings. FWIW, the prior Town Manager publicly called for the Town Council to delay the vote.