Post #399: There will be coffee and doughnut in the staff room.

Posted on September 28, 2019

My wife used to email me that line, as a joke, on the anniversary of my  company’s founding.

The joke being “doughnut” (singular), because there was only one employee — me.

I got an email a while back, from a fellow who thought the articles on this website needed by-lines.  I scratched my head a bit at that.  Why should I add my name to the start of every article?  I never wrote him back.

This has now come up again, and I finally get it.  Some people seem to think there’s a team of writers turning out these postings on 

To which my reply is doughnut (singular). is blissfully free of team building exercises, staff meetings, performance reviews, consensus forming … and guest writers.  I write everything on this website.  Full stop.  If I can ever convince anyone to do a guest article, you’ll see a by-line. 

If somebody mentions something that I think is worth writing up, sure, I’ll do that.  Happy to steal an idea from any source.  But the research and writeup is solely mine.

And that’s the last you’ll hear of my annual doughnut.