Post #421: Walk around them, our grandchildren shall.

Posted on October 17, 2019

Here’s one for the “why do I have to be the one to point this out” category.  Remember MAC zoning’s promise of broad sidewalks, and a vibrant pedestrian walkable blah blah blah? Big selling point for MAC, right?

Hey, what are those big green boxes, right smack in the middle of where the broad sidewalk would go, if it were ever extended?  Seems to me they’ve been there quite some time now.

I may end up eating my words, but to me a) those look like the transformers required by the underground utilities, b) they sure look permanent to me, and if that’s correct, then c) there ain’t no way to extend that broad sidewalk, now or ever.

I believe I’ll take a closer look at that tomorrow.  And do some more research — possibly those can be pulled once all the lines are underground?  But … there has to be a transformer somewhere — local power lines are about 2000 volts. These big green boxes take the place of traditional pole-mounted transformers.

Anyway, I’ll save any additional sarcasm for later, once I’ve verified that those boxes are what they seem to be.  And if I’m wrong, I’ll come back here and say that.