Post #538: Maple Avenue streetlights

Posted on March 4, 2020

Image Source:  Linked from the Dominion Power outdoor lighting website.

This is a brief followup to Post #503.

At the time I wrote that post, roughly one streetlight in seven along Maple was burnt out.  My contention was that … well, nobody cared.  Nobody noticed, and nobody really had to care about it.  Just looked a little sloppy is all.

As I was driving down Maple last night, something seemed different.  I’ll have to double-check this, but I believe that a) all the burnt-out bulbs have now been replaced and b) some of the poles themselves seem to be undergoing repairs.  I’m pretty sure I saw at least one with wires sticking out where the “acorn” light globe should have been.

Edit:  Drove down there by the light of day this afternoon and, sure enough,  there are headless light poles scattered along much of the length of Maple.  So some sort of maintenance operation appears to be underway.

I’m not sure whether to thank the Town, or VEPCO, no Virginia Power, no Dominion Resources, nope maybe it’s Dominion Power?  I have the vague feeling that all the streetlights belong to Dominion?

You can get part of the story on streetlights and streetlight outages on this Town of Vienna web page.  Briefly, we pay a streetlight maintenance fee to Fairfax County, which in turn pays that fee to Dominion, which owns and services the streetlights.

That’s why streetlight outages are be reported to Dominion, not to the Town.

Unfortunately, the links to Fairfax and Dominion websites on that TOV web page are broken.  The County’s explanation of streetlights is given on this page of the Fairfax County websiteThe Fairfax County instructions for reporting a streetlight outage are given on this page, which in turn links to an interactive map.  (FWIW, the interactive map totally and completely failed to work for me.)