Post #591: No mask, no service

Posted on April 1, 2020


Looks like the US CDC is dragging its feet on adding use of masks, in public, to its existing guidance on proper hygiene in the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic.

That, despite the head of the Chinese CDC calling that “The big mistake” that both the US and Europe are making. And then explaining exactly why that’s important — droplet transmission of disease (Post #590)

Let me briefly explain how absolutely indefensible the US CDC position is.  Current US CDC guidance says, if you are sick, wear a mask in public to prevent droplet transmission of disease.  In other words, if you know you are sick, you should wear a mask when in public, to minimize the spread of disease.

Perfectly reasonable. It’s a huge public health risk to have infectious individuals walking around without a mask.

Yeah, well, what the head of the Chinese CDC said was, in effect, there are a lot of people who are sick, but they just don’t know it, or they don’t know yet.

Ah, c’mon.  At this point, any moron can put two and two together.  If it’s critically important that infectious people wear a mask when in public, and many people can’t tell if they are infectious or not … do I really have to finish the sentence?

Then we all need to wear masks when public.  As a simple matter of public health.

So while the Federal government continues to drag its feet, maybe the private sector can step up on our behalf.  And here, my bet is on Amazon, because, near as I can tell, they have been the most responsible of the big players, in this crisis.  (This, from studing masks for sale on Amazon versus Ebay yesterday).

Amazon owns Whole Foods.  Amazon has access to a ready supply of cheap paper masks that are not suitable for medical use.  (I know that because those are available … on Amazon.)  I think Amazon should post a sign, at every Whole Foods, stating that as of some date:  NO MASK, NO SERVICE.  With a “greeter” ready to hand out paper masks to anyone who wants to shop, but doesn’t have a mask.

Heck, at this point, I’d settle for some kindler/gentler/stupider version of that, such as “we encourage patrons to use a mask when shopping”, along with a pile of paper masks.

My guesses?

First, that would be great for business.  If they become perceived as the “clean” store, who’s going to shop anywhere else?

Two, that will put tremendous social pressure on the other grocery stores to follow suit.

And, so, Three, maybe we, the people, can fix “The big mistake” that our Federal government has made in this pandemic.  And allow the CDC to lead from the rear, by eventually changing its guidance, once it see what people have already chosen to do.

Any readers out there know anyone in the Amazon/Whole Foods hierarchy?  If so, please pass this along.  I bet all it takes is one bold move, and we can get the message across to the American people that they need to mask up in public.  And, not coincidentally, put a halo on the first company to do this.

The USA did not get to be a superpower by being systematically stupid about things that really matter.  But I’ll bet we can lose that status by that route.

I’ll leave you with this, for your contemplation.  If you had your choice, which group would you put the USA in?