Post #608: Somebody in Vienna steps up on the mask issue

Posted on April 7, 2020
The US CDC wants us all to wear some sort of mask when in public, around others.  That was last Friday’s change in guidance to the public.
Some people don’t have a mask.  And, there’s a cultural (racial) barrier to wearing home-made masks in public .  And, frankly, I think most of us would prefer any commercially-produced mask to ginning one up at home.
I have been informed that one Vienna dental practice will be giving away two free masks per family, for a limited time period.  I don’t want to post the location until I am sure this is a general offer to the public, and not merely an offer to patients of that dentist that has somehow become more broadly known.  If it is a general offer to the public, I will post it.
Either way, I’m glad to see somebody stepping up.
I think, all things considered, we need an indoor public area mask ordinance here in the Town of Vienna.  Every employee in a public-facing position should wear a mask.  Every shopper should wear a mask.  If social distancing alone were enough, we would not have the CDC and the Governor of Virginia telling us to wear masks in public.