Post #743: The last four weeks of new COVID-19 cases, by state

Posted on July 4, 2020

Redder = worse.  Source:  Analysis of counts of daily new cases, as maintained by the New York Times.

This is a state-level graph of my “misery index”.  One part is the number of new COVID-19 cases in the last week, per capital, annualized.  The second part is the change in that figure, from two weeks back to the current week.  (So that a state with a high and growing infection rate will appear worse off than a state with a high and stable infection rate).

The underlying data for 7/3/2020 are given below.  FWIW, Arizona now is at more-or-less the same level of new case growth per capita that New York was, at the height of the prior US coronavirus peak.

Virginia is colored green in the table below.  The reason for the increase in the Virginia “misery index” is that, four weeks ago, we had a low number of new cases, but that number had been falling.  Now we have roughly the same weekly count of new cases, but the number is stable.