Post #787: Virginia coronavirus trends to 8/26/2020: Not much change

Posted on August 26, 2020

We’re getting around 900 cases/day in  Virginia, down from 1000 or so a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe 90 cases/day in Fairfax County, and 2/day in ZIP code 22180.  The latter is up a bit from a week ago.

The only new thing worth saying is that with students returning to college, and the intense scrutiny those students are receiving (see prior post), there has been something of a change in the reporting of cases.  The greater scrutiny of those populations, while at school, should boost the reported COVID-19 case numbers (regardless of whether the actual rate of new infections goes up).  I’m not sure whether there are enough college students in Virginia to have any material impact on the state-wide results.  In any case, whatever the size of that effect is, the state-total numbers continue on a slight downward trend.

My usual graphs follow.