Post #822: CDC: Just kidding, we take it all back

Posted on September 21, 2020

Source:  CDC

Just this morning, I posted the new CDC guidance to citizens on COVID-19 (Post #820).  The CDC finally mentioned aerosol (airborne) transmission of the disease.

Half-jokingly, I said:

In particular, I would not be surprised to see this language disappear, once those in power do realize the implications.  Hence the snapshot, above.

Well, as of about 1 PM, the A-words have been tossed down the memory hole.  I’m not holding my breath, waiting for them to return.

So, for one bright shining moment, CDC told the entire story to Americans.  Until somebody got wind of it, and put a stop to that.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe what a total crap show our Federal government has become.

In memorium.

Source:  CDC, but long longer posted.