Post #869: How is Chris Christie doing, or, there’s no saint like a reformed sinner

Posted on October 16, 2020


This is another brief followup to earlier postings.

Just shy of two weeks ago, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was diagnosed with COVID-19.  He clearly contracted that while in the service of the POTUS, possibly as part of the large cluster of cases arising from a non-masked, non-socially-distanced Rose Garden ceremony at the end of September.

He was hospitalized for a week, with little word of his condition. His case dropped out of the national press, and only the New Jersey press continued to follow it.

During that week, many New Jersey politicians on both sides of the aisle offered kind words of encouragement.  By contrast, the White House did not even offer a  pro-forma “our thoughts and prayers are with you” statement.

That’s the gist of Post #853 and Post #860.

Governor Christie was discharged from the hospital last Saturday.  Apparently he spent seven days in the ICU, which pretty strongly suggests that he was quite ill.

I think it’s instructive to take a look his current statements, as reported here, or here, or here.  The reporting all says more-or-less the same thing, because it’s just repeating Governor Christie’s formal statement.

The important quotes from Governor Christie, going forward:

““I hope that my experience shows my fellow citizens that you should follow C.D.C. guidelines in public no matter where you are and wear a mask to protect yourself and others,” Christie said.”

“we have not treated Americans as adults, who understand truth, sacrifice and responsibility.”

Source:  Forbes.

I could easily and crassly have put this in with my various “school of hard knocks” posts.  But in this case, I’m hoping that the applicable phrase turns out to be that there’s is no saint like a reformed sinner.