Post #1314: William and Mary COVID-19 trend to 10-5-2021, 7 new cases this week.

Posted on November 5, 2021


I’m continuing to track this just because you can’t easily recover the history of case counts off the William and Mary COVID-19 dashboard.

I would classify this week’s seven new cases as no different from new case rate for the past six weeks.  In other words, I wouldn’t read anything into it.

Source:  Calculated from William and Mary COVID-19 dashboard, last accessed 11/5/2021.

If you read any of the rest of my blog — and there’s no reason you should — you can see that I’m still waiting for any sign of a U.S. winter COVID-19 wave.

So far, there’s nothing.  Just a little flattening of the trend in the past two weeks.  Same thing appears to be happening in Canada.

But in the U.S. South, and Virginia in particular, the COVID-19 new case rate continues on a modest downward trend.

If that changes, I’ll surely note it in these William and Mary posts.

For now, no news is good news.