Post G21-004: Low-effort three-season kitchen compost system


This is a brief note on everybody’s favorite topic, rotting garbage.  I mean, composting kitchen waste.

Our household generates a fair amount of compostable kitchen waste  It’s nothing unusual:  Vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and the like.  But it’s enough volume that it’s well worth composting for the garden.

Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of methods for composting my kitchen waste.   All the ones I used to use were failures, to a greater or lesser degree.

Sometime the failure was due to the equipment.  But more often, it was operator error. Because, when you get right down to it, who in their right mind wants to deal with composting kitchen waste?  It’s way too easy to say “I’ll take the compost out tomorrow”, particularly if it’s a nasty job.  And if you ignore a composting system that needs some TLC, it’ll let you know about it.

It was only when I more-or-less gave up on the gizmos and the tricks that I stumbled across a system that works for me.  It was really a question of channeling my inner sloth.  So I thought I’d share what finally worked for me. Continue reading Post G21-004: Low-effort three-season kitchen compost system