Post #G21-010: Ball lid shortage and Tattler lids

Edit on 4/16/2021:  There’s now a little addendum on yet other non-Ball lids, and other re-usable lids, available as alternatives to Ball disposable lids.

This is my third and probably last post on the 2021 canning lid shortage. I’m going to use it to talk about Tattler lidsI bought some back in 2011, and I’ve used them off and on since.

I want to make two simple points.

1:  The increase in the price of Ball disposable lids makes the Tattler lids more attractive from a cost-benefit standpoint.

2:  The Tattler lids are a little “fussier” because the seal is a separate rubber ring.  But they aren’t hard to use. Continue reading Post #G21-010: Ball lid shortage and Tattler lids