Post #786: Coronavius odds, the college version

Source:  CNN

As the night follows the day, if there’s a gory school bus wreck anywhere in the USA, you can bet you’ll read about it.  Not because it has anything whatsoever to do with you.  But because it triggers all those hard-wired parental synapses.  News providers know that, and exploit that to the hilt.  You can’t help but click and read the story.

Today’s Washington Post had an article about coronavirus problems at colleges and universities that have resumed in-person classes.  As is typical for articles of this type, the purpose was to find the worst outliers and use them as click-bait to get people angry and upset.  And, judging from the comments under that story, I’d say they did an excellent job of that. Continue reading Post #786: Coronavius odds, the college version