Coming Events, 10/27/2018

Posted on September 27, 2018

On this page, I will try to give notice of forthcoming Town of Vienna government actions relating to the two open MAC zoning proposals. That said, there seems to be no good way to do that. There is no published schedule, and the Town publishes the agendas for individual meetings just a few days ahead of the meeting.

So, basically, there really is no way for John Q. Public to know what’s going to happen more than a few days ahead of time.

Here’s an example.

On Tuesday 10/30/2018, Sunrise Assisted Living is holding a meeting regarding their proposed assisted living facility at Maple and Center streets.  This will be held 7 PM in the Vienna Community Center.

Now, do I now this?  Friends told me.

How did they find out?  Sunrise distributed a flyer to businesses in the area. And that got mentioned on Facebook.

Is this actually a public meeting?  I’m not sure — their intent seems to have been to target business in the area.

I fully realize how lame that is.  But that’s the reality of it.  Just to be clear, there is no notice of this on the Sunrise corporate website.  No notice on the Town of Vienna website.  It’s not even clear that members of the general public will be allowed to attend.  But the Vienna Community Center has verified that Sunrise has booked a room starting 6:30 PM.