Audio recording, Town Council work session 2-11-2019, links to all audio added 2/13/2019

Posted on February 12, 2019

I made an audio recording of the 2/11/2019 Town Council work session.  You can download this recording of the meeting from Google Drive, at this link.    There are three MP3 files for the three parts of the meeting, plus copies of the Town’s documents for the meeting.  These were recorded at very high volume, so turn the volume down on your device before you play them.  

This work session dealt with the new “visual guidelines” for MAC zoning (and to some degree, with changes in the MAC rules).  There was also a section on proffers (voluntary offers by developers to make their developments more attractive to the Town).  And there was a section on the Town’s guide to traffic calming.

I have “bookmarked” the section of the meeting with the discussion of MAC visual guidelines.  I uploaded the audio file to YouTube, and give links to specific places in the file below.

Click here to go to the YouTube page with the Town Council’s discussion of MAC zoning changes.  The list below links to specific places in the audio file.

Also, please check out my personal favorite clip.  Listen hard for the laughs about Giant Food.  After this, don’t let anyone on Town Council deny that the Giant Food property is in play.

There are interesting points raised after this point, but they were mostly focused on the details, other than an un-focused discussion of the need for more parks around 1:18:00 into the meeting.  More green space is something that Vienna residents clearly would like to get out of this, based on the results of my random-sample survey of Vienna residents.