Post #255: Please read this week’s Sun Gazette

Posted on April 27, 2019

This week’s Sun Gazette has three articles that directly address development on Maple Avenue.  Plus a profile of the opening of a new bike trail here in Vienna.

And it would be great if the citizens of Vienna would read those articles. Except that, as far as I can tell, the paper wasn’t delivered to a large part of Vienna.  That happens from time to time.

And that’s a pity, give how important these issues are to Vienna.  And how on-topic this particular issue of the Sun-Gazette is.

You can access the .pdf version of this week’s Sun-Gazette at this link on their website (.pdf). Of particular interest are these articles, all by Brian Trompeter.  I’m not even going to reference my amateur discussions of these various issues.  Please read what a professional journalist has reported about these topics.

Page 1:  ‘MAC’ Is Hot Topic as Vienna Campaign Intensifies.  This is a summary of the recent National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE)-sponsored debate held at the Vienna Community Center.

Access the article directly at this link.

Page 8:  New Trail Connecting Tysons, Vienna Dedicated.  This profiles the opening of a dedicated bike trail between the northern tip of Vienna and the Spring Hill metro station on the Silver Line.

Access the article directly at this link.

Page 10:  Critics Raise Red Flags on Vienna Development.  This is a discussion of the issue raised by the Vienna Board of Architectural Review (BAR), which had never seen the (greatly) revised plans for the Marco Polo/Vienna Market development.

Access the article directly at this link.

Page 11:  Town Attorney:  Vienna Can’t Delay Land Use Cases After May Election.  Fairfax County (usually) bars its Board of Supervisors from making rezoning decisions around the time of an election.   Town of Vienna has no such rule, and so our Town Attorney said that the various MAC rezoning projects must continue apace.

Access the article directly at this link.