Post #264: Public meetings this week

Posted on May 6, 2019

This week there there are two Town of Vienna public meetings directly related to MAC zoning.  In addition, the Town election is Tuesday.

On Tuesday, 5/7/2019, Town elections will be held in the Community Center.  Vote for up to three candidates.  Polls are open 6 AM – 7 PM.

You can see who I am voting for, and why, on post #259

On Wednesday, 5/8/2019, at 8:00 PM in Town Hall, the Planning Commission will continue its public hearing on the Sunrise Assisted Living Facility proposed for the corner of Maple and Center.

Citizens are invited to speak.  Please limit your remarks to three minutes per topic.  Traditionally, with the Planning Commission, if you spoke at the first part of the public hearing, you may speak again if you speak on a completely different subject.  You are asked not to repeat your remarks from the prior session.

Meeting materials can be found on this page:

You can see my suggestion that they just give up on ground floor retail for this one, and get a better building in the process, in post #254.

Of additional interest at this meeting is discussion of a new 250-seat restaurant for the first floor of the Vienna Professional Center (small tan office building just east of the W&OD trail.)

The first time I heard this new restaurant discussed was in the 8/8/2018 Planning Commission meeting, briefly described as part of this post.  It’s also worth pointing out that Vienna has more restaurants per capita than any major metropolitan area in the US, as discussed Post #201,  and in this follow-up post (#208, about  goods versus services retail on Maple Avenue.

On Friday, 5/10/2019, at 8:00 AM (yes, AM), in Town Hall, the Board of Architectural Review will address Vienna Market, the development that was approved for the former Marco Polo site. 

Meeting materials can be found on this page, although no plans or documents have been posted as of this writing:

That will be the follow-up to the incident discussed in Post 245 and several subsequent posts.  As I understand it, based on the joint work session held last week, the Town’s lawyer called the developer and straightened this out.  It will be interesting to see what is presented to the BAR at this meeting.