Post #287: A new low for Town of Vienna government

Posted on May 31, 2019

The family who lives in the house directly behind the proposed 380 Maple West is a military family.  Combat veterans.  They bought that house in 2016, and they didn’t know what was planned for 380 Maple West when they bought it.  They are going to take a beating on this, one way or the other.  And they have vigorously protested the building as planned, for good reason.

Now put yourselves in shoes of Town government, and ask yourself:  what more could you do to @#$% with that family?  What else could you do to rub a little more salt in the wounds?   I know, how about we seize a chunk of their front yard for a sidewalk — in order to make the developer of this new building look better.

For 70 years or so, that section of Wade Hampton has been there without a sidewalk, and the Town didn’t care.  But now, somehow, it’s imperative to seize part of that family’s land.  Right now.  As part of this transaction.

Think I’m kidding?  Search “Press the neighbors” in Post #274 to see the background.  Then look at the plans, as posted on the Town’s website (.pdf).

So, a special shout-out goes to Sienecki (I believe), who first suggested it, and Noble, who pressed the point, as described in the link just above.  Thanks to both of you for the idea of seizing that land, right now, as part of this deal.

Oh, I almost forgot?  How did this military family find out that the Town was considering seizing a bit of their front yard?  Surely the Town would do them the courtesy of telling them?  Nope.  They found out by having somebody read through the plans and spot that.

So, thanks Town of Vienna.  It’s good to know you treat all the peasants equally, even those who served our country.  I guess that’s what they get for raising a fuss, eh?  And let that serve as a warning to the next citizen who dares to raise his or her voice.

In all seriousness:  Town of Vienna, please drop this for now.  Please show just the tiniest bit of compassion for some of your citizens.  This family is already going to bear the largest impact from your decision to allow these big buildings directly adjacent to residential areas.  Escrow the money that the builder owes for the back sidewalk on the property, for now, and if you must, bring this up at a later date.