Post #345: The wheels of justice turn slowly

Posted on August 13, 2019

This posting is about the Sunrise lawsuit (Post #342).  The upshot is that it may  take until October for the Town of Vienna to say, in effect, “nuh-uh”.  But they might say that sooner.

Detail follows.

I am learning more about lawsuits than any sane person would care to know.  (Other than those professionally or personally involved in one).  This information is all courtesy of colleagues who are tracking the Sunrise lawsuit.

The initial steps are the following:

  • Someone files a complaint, accusing somebody of something.  In this case, Sunrise accuses the Town of age discrimination illegal under the Virginia Fair Housing Law, among other things.  This was filed on 7/17/2019.
  • The accused are then served, that is, given official, legal notice of the complaint.  Town officials were served on 7/24/2019.
  • Under Commonwealth law, the accused then has 21 days to answer the complaint, e.g., admit, deny, ask for the complaint to be dismissed, and so on.  For those of you with your calendars handy, that means the Town has to respond by tomorrow, 8/14/2019.
  • But, the Town may ask for an extension.  In which case, my understanding is that response then could be put off until end of September/early October.

That’s it.  That’s all I know.  As the phrase goes, I’ll try to keep you posted.