Post #406: Forthcoming community meeting on the 380 Maple West assisted living facility

Posted on October 4, 2019

I was reminded that I need to write this topic up, based on the most recent Town Council meeting.  So here goes.  This post announces that there will (may?  might?) be a community meeting, sometime soon, for discussion of the proposed assisted living facility at 380 Maple West (Maple and Wade Hampton).  Neighbors of that facility will (most likely) be invited to attend and talk to the assisted living provider.  If you weren’t aware that this was (maybe?) going to be an assisted living facility instead of condos (as passed by Town Council), read Post #378.

I admit that writing these posts has become a chore.  This one more than most.  In a rational world, I’d follow this with the relevant details of who, what, when, where, and why.  Except that, in so far as I have been able to determine, none of that is public information at this point. Or, if it is, I sure haven’t been able to find it.  So:  Probably going to be a meeting, likely with some assisted living provider, possibly within the next three weeks.  And I’m fairly sure it will take place somewhere in the Town of Vienna.

Those stunning details were revealed by the (former?) developer of 380 Maple West, at the start of the 9/30/2019 Town Council meeting.   I’m just passing along what I know.   So, heads up, there (probably) will be a meeting.

Now comes the hard part.  I now must pretend that this isn’t just CYA, and that You, The Citizen may actually have some Meaningful Impact on the proposed assisted living facility at 380 Maple West.  And urge you to attend.

But I need some help here.  Please use your imagination, and fill in the usual pablum about this being Democracy In Action, Your Opinion Matters, and it is Your Civic Duty to participate and Make Your Voice Heard.  At the risk of the civil version of sacrilege, and mixing up two different wars, maybe some out-of-copyright visual aids would help.

Anyway, focus on those and fill in the usual crapola.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

Understand, I go to a lot of these meetings, and I talk if given the opportunity.  So in a real sense, I act on it, crapola or not.  But in this case, given that the building has already been approved, it’s just hard for me to … figure out what, exactly, there is to talk about.

I recall that the last “community engagement plan” for 380 Maple West was such a stunning success.*  So I now have duly announced the next community engagement meeting, regarding the same building, but for completely different use, with different participants, at date/time/place/participants TBA.  It’s a public service, I guess.  When the details emerge, I’ll post them here.  Duty done.

*  For those of you who did not attend it, yes, that’s sarcasm.

Coda:  I’ll also summarize the stunningly clear “roadmap” for what has to happen, when, for this transition to take place.  Councilman Springsteen tried to get a clear idea, asked the Town’s lawyer, and I think I heard that, depending on the nature of the proposed changes, this building must/might/maybe have to go through:

  • Public hearing by Town Council (for sure).
  • Public hearing by Planning Commission (maybe?).
  • Those might be held at the same meeting, so maybe only one public hearing total.
  • Review by the Board of Architectural Review (maybe).
  • Review by the Board of Zoning Appeals (for the conditional use permit to use this as an assisted living facility).

So if you miss the community meeting, you won’t lack for other opportunities to find out what’s going on.  And you’ll have at least one chance to speak up.  I think.