Post #499: Why I don’t recycle my Christmas tree.

Posted on December 15, 2019

It’s much more useful as a fire starter.

Above is the last little fragment of last year’s Christmas tree, just to show you how well and how quickly it burns.  Looks green, burns like gasoline.

I have a wood stove, and I’ve never run across a commercial fire starter that works as well as a dry Christmas tree.  Catches in an instant, burns fast and burns hot.  So don’t recycle my Christmas tree.  I keep it, cut it up, and use it in my wood stove in place of commercial fire starters.

The only downside is that dry Christmas tree pieces are so flammable that I don’t dare keep them in the house.  Commercial fire starters are much safer than a dry Christmas tree.

This time of year you’ll see safety reminders about the hazard of Christmas tree fires.  And now you know somebody who uses his Christmas tree in place of commercial fire starters.  That’s how well they burn.