Post #555: Updating Post #550, the week ahead — REVISED

Posted on March 17, 2020

EDITED, GRAPH REMOVED:  As it turns out, the US numbers are updated continuously throughout the day.  E.g., the current (2:30 PM) count is about 15% higher than the count I retrieved at noon.  I need to wait until 5 PM to update this in order to keep the counts consistent from day to day. 

Here it is, redone just prior to 5 PM today.  These numbers will be consistent with the prior ones.

Original graph from:  “The United States Is Not a Coronavirus Outlier”, by Kevin Drum, in Mother Jones.   Crudely updated (vertical lines) based on the noon EDT 5 PM EDT update of the Johns Hopkins coronavirus map.

As of noon 5 PM EDT 3/17/2020, data for France and Switzerland do not appear to have updated.  Case count for Italy is about 31,500.

The US remains right on the predicted trend line.  See prior posts 550, 553 for details.