Post #583: Empty farmers’ market today: You snooze, you lose

Posted on March 29, 2020

There’s a farmers’ market at the Holy Comforter church this morning (3/29/2020). 

It ends at 1:30 today. 

It is completely stocked, and there are no customers.  I mean, clearly more vendors than customers.  They apparently more-or-less failed to advertise it.

So let me assure you, you’ll have no problem maintaining proper social distancing.

Maybe you want some fresh produce, meat, eggs, cheese, baked goods, etc.

Maybe you want to support local agriculture.   Honestly, at the current rate, these folks aren’t going to cover the cost of the gas it took to get them here.

Maybe you just feel the need to talk to somebody other than your immediate family.  Out in the fresh air.  Among what has to be the lowest-risk set of vendors you’re going to come across in the near future.

Maybe you just want a rare opportunity to go to a farmers’ market, on a Sunday morning, in an Episcopal church parking lot.

However you slice it, this is a fine opportunity.  But it’s a limited time offer.

Please pass the word.