Post #610: An observation on masks

Posted on April 8, 2020

Source:  CNBC

CNBC has a long article about the end of the lockdown in Wuhan province, China.  Lots of pictures.

I challenge you to find a single individual not wearing a mask, in any of the pictures in that article.

And, I’m pretty sure that the entire flight crew pictured above is wearing KN95 masks, the Chinese-made equivalent of the N95 that is (for now) in such short supply in the US.

Not only is everybody wearing some kind of mask, I infer from this that critical personnel are wearing masks capable of filtering out aerosol particles.  The same masks we’d give to medical workers here.

And back in the USA, we still don’t have a mandatory mask ordinance in any state.  In fact, so far, I’ve only heard of one, for one Texas city.  We need to wake up and get with the program.