MORE: Post #630: It’s about time: Fresh Market requires customers to have masks, starting tomorrow.

Posted on April 13, 2020

They already require it for employees.  Let’s see the others follow suit please.  And it wouldn’t hurt if some local government — Vienna or Fairfax — made this the law in all essential businesses.

Goes without saying, they have my business from now on.  Of the three area grocery stores, they’ve had their act together better from Day 1.

And here’s another grocer doing the same thing.

Authority figures:

Five days ago, the DoD decided that anyone on DoD property has to wear a mask. 

Inc (the business magazine) says that every employer should mandate masks.

Local area governments:

Both PG and Montgomery County are imposing mandatory mask ordinances (Washington Post).

DC already requires masks while grocery shopping.

Other US counties and cities and states

The state of New Jersey requires masks when in essential businesses, as of yesterday.  But Hoboken required that almost a week ago.

New York orders essential businesses to provide masks to employees.

$1000 fine, if caught in public without a mask, South Padre Island, TX

Riverside and San Bernadino Counties, CA

Long Beach CA now has a mandatory mask ordinance for all essential businesses.

Los Angeles, CA passed a mandatory mask law for essential businesses days ago.

Fresno, CA, mandatory masks for workers in essential businesses.

Brooks County, Tx.

Salem MA

Miami Beach, when in an essential business.

Municipalities are passing mandatory mask laws.  Including Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Many of the counties in South Florida are now requiring masks in essential businesses.

Brookline, MA

As of two days ago, several localities were passing laws requiring that grocery stores provide employees with masks.

Foreign nations:

Austria and three small European countries require masks in public.


Many states in India

Singapore, when in malls and supermarkets.