Post #647: Filtrete (r) mask liner order form on Google Forms

Posted on April 15, 2020

Edit:  Rescinded because, apparently, nobody wanted them.

My Filtrete (r) mask liner order form is up on Google Docs, at this location.  If you want any of the three products below, order some, I’ll try to accommodate you.  And pass the word, as you see fit.

For now, this is for Town of Vienna addresses only.  If nobody wants them, I’ll expand the offer.  At present, I don’t have and am not making anything for kids.

I, the offerer, make no guarantees regarding the safety or usefulness of the items offered. If you order them, you use them at your own risk.  In fact, I won’t let you order them until you click the box agreeing to that.

Finally, if there are significant orders, I won’t be posting much for a while.

Three products available.

If you want to understand my line of reasoning in using Filtrete (r), you can find that information on this website.  Again, I make no guarantees of anything.  The logic is that Filtrete (r) is designed to capture small particles.  Cloth isn’t.

There are three products available.  For the mask liners, I’m offering them as finished product and in “kit” form.  A “kit” is just the key materials.  You’d then staple/tape them into the final form.

Product 1:  Cheap “single-use” masks.  To call these cheap is an insult to the word cheap.  My intended audience for these is small Vienna businesses that would like to have a few around, as a courtesy mask, in case somebody shows up to their premises unmasked.  Trust me, any other mask you can find will be superior to this.

Plain mask liners.  These is a piece of Filtrete (r) 2500 encapsulated between two pieces of non-woven (spun-bonded) polyester (a.k.a., floating row cover).  The idea is to trim the thin material so that this fits into your existing cloth mask.  Pull  the staples and flatten it if you just want the flat piece of Filtrete for the mask pocket of your mask.  These are breathable enough that I’m not offering any “double layer” mask liners.  Just use two if you want two pieces of Filtrete.

Mask-backed mask liners.  If you staple the two products above together, and add a stiff wire nosepiece, you get what I’m calling a mask-backed mask liner.  It still must be worn under a cloth mask.  But if all you have is a loose cloth mask, or one that lacks a proper metal nosepiece (to force the mask to conform to the shape of the bridge of the nose), then that’s the one to ask for.

These will actually ship as white, not the pretty colors seen here.  (I used a piece of cloth for the first prototype because I didn’t want to waste the Filtrete (r).)  It’s not that Filtrete is expensive (each mask uses about $0.25 of Filtrete), it’s that if this catches on, I’m not going to be able to get my hands on more.

All in all, I think these mask liners are worth the 25 cents that it costs me to make them.  But, once again, I’m not even guaranteeing that you’ll get your two bits worth of extra filtration.  I’m just offering them as is, no guarantees.

If you hesitate to take them for free, please make a modest donation to the Pay it Back to Vienna Business fundraiser, or to some other locally focused charity of your choice.