My signs? Come and get them starting 4/24/2020

Posted on April 23, 2020

I gathered these signs in after last year’s Town elections.  At that point, they had been up so long that they were blending in with the landscape.  Worse, metal fatigue was setting in.  A lot of them were hanging on by a thread, as the metal “legs” gave out.

My plan was to rehab those, and then replace them myself.  I carefully noted the address of every place where I took a sign.  I bought new metal “legs”.  And I now have a stack of about 100 signs, ready to go.

But times change.  For one, the election is under two weeks away.  For another, it’s not like I can ring your doorbell and ask if you want your sign back.  For a third, I really don’t have the energy to go running all over the Town of Vienna.  And finally, it’s not even clear that the Town is going to keep MAC zoning on the books.  Which would make the signs themselves fundamentally obsolete.

So, I’m not going to deliver them out. Starting tomorrow (4/24/2020), I’m going to put a stack of these at the end of my driveway (226 Glen Ave SW).  If you want your sign back, please come pick one up, starting tomorrow.  I’ll keep the stack filled until all the signs that I have are gone.

At that point, I’m not going to gather them back in again.  Once you’re done with it, please dispose of it as you see fit.  And thank you for displaying these, last year, and again this year.

I apologize, but the world is a different place now.  No way I could have anticipated that when I gathered them all in.