Post #G04: Bamboo now available (10:30 AM 4/24/2020)

Posted on April 24, 2020

Judging from the hits on this website yesterday, there’s a lot of interest in this.  I don’t think the uptick is due to my sparkling prose.

I have roughly dressed and put out the first 30 poles and tops.  Take what you want, but please limit yourself to no more than maybe a dozen of the poles.  They have the stubs of the leaf stems sticking out, so take care as you handle them.

Take as much as you want of the thinner tops, with leaves still attached.

The location is 226 Glen Ave SW, Vienna VA 22180.  You can’t miss the Atlas Cedar in front.  Glen is off Courthouse, right across from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

I’ll be doing this in batches, once a day.  That’s not to ration them.  That’s because my back can take only so much stooping over and lopping off leaves.  There should be another batch, this size, tomorrow.

Be warned, these are big.  I’d guess median length is 24′, and there are some that are about 30′.  If you only want a few short pieces, I’ve left a branch lopper out there.  You can try lopping off the thin ends of the poles.  Place it right next to a joint, and lop as if you mean it, because the faster you do it, the less it splits.  If you place it in the middle of a section, it’ll just splinter.

Maintain your social distancing, and then some, please.

I have some political signs out there as well.  You are welcome to take some if you care to.

I’ll have another batch of poles tomorrow, if my back is up for it.  This is just under half the total, by eye.

At some point, as a favor, could one or two of you who takes some of these email and clue me in on why people like this stuff so much?  I use a little in the garden, for trellises and such, but honestly, PVC pipe works better for me.  I’m not questioning it, I’m just curious as to what the attraction is.

Chris Hogan,