Post #672: Yet another common drug that may work

Posted on April 27, 2020

Source:  None.  Good luck finding this.  Either the Feds finally got smart, and pulled the drug before the study results were released, or your neighbors have out-panic-shopped you once again.  Picture source:  Amazon.  Ah, yep, looks like the Feds may have learned nothing, and your neighbors beat you to it.

You want a little ray of sunshine:  Read this.  Just by chance, the structure of one common antacid interrupts replication of the COVID-19 virus.

This has all the elements of what I termed “scientific folk medicine”.  It was based on an observation in China, that the peasants seemed to be surviving at a higher rate that the elites.  That, in turn, appeared to be due to the peasantry being unable to afford the top-shelf antacids, and having to make do with the cheap stuff.  Next, a computer study came up with this, separately, as a good candidate to stop viral replication in this case.  No in-vitro studies, but surely those are in the pipeline.  And now we’ve had a couple of docs do their own “case studies” and convince themselves that it appears to work.  (“Penicillin-like” response, was the phrase, meaning, clearly the result of the drug, and not just chance.)

It’s currently undergoing a more-or-less proper clinical trial.

Lot of smart people, spending a lot of time, figuring this out.  That ups the odds that somebody will find something.  We just have to keep you-know-who from touting this one.

A personal note on the hoarding thing:  I’ve got acid reflux.  For years, I used ranitidine to keep that  in check.  Turns out, that causes cancer, so they pulled that off the shelves.  Great.  I switched to famotidine, which seems to work OK, but not as well as ranitidine, for me.  Now the panicky mobs have cleared that off the shelves.  I guess I’ll go back to sucking on Tums.