Post G06: This is why I can’t have a Costco membership.

Posted on May 22, 2020

I lack self-control around stuff that’s cheap.  In this case, dirt cheap. Less than 2 cents a pound, delivered.

I had always wanted to have a few raised beds, just to make it easy to do a little gardening.  And, given the situation, I had time on my hands, so “Victory Garden” made sense (Post #580).  And I had a whole bunch of what should soon be obsolete* signs (Post #675).

*Not that the policy I was protesting with those green signs has gone away.  To the contrary, it’s alive and well.  It’s just that the proponents are in the process of re-branding it.

So I ordered up an innocent-sounding 10 yards of mixed topsoil/compost.  Which, only in hindsight, did I realize was about 13 tons of  material.  I did that arithmetic sometime in my second week of shoveling.  And shoveling.  And shoveling.

Anyway, the good news is, this is now gone.  (Doesn’t look like much, until you realize you have to move the whole thing, one shovel-full at a time.)


And in its place, I have about 400 square feet of raised beds pictured above.  And I’ve kept those signs out of the landfill.

Not sure how the crops are going to turn out.  But if nothing else, I will have a lasting and concrete reminder of the pandemic.