Post #986: Current trend: Would it help if I blamed the Acme Corporation?

Posted on January 31, 2021

The U.S. is now 40% below the peak in new COVID cases/ 100,000 /day.

Source:  Calculated from NY Times Github COVID data repository, data reported through 1/30/2021.

A few stray thoughts regarding press coverage of this.

  • What if the pandemic ends and nobody notices?
  • “70% must be immune to end the pandemic” might be justified as a way of scaring the populace into getting vaccinated.  OTOH, maybe all it does is spread needless despair, if the true figure is more like 40%, as I have argued in recent posts.


  • The most COVID-safe place in the continental U.S. today is North Dakota.  You’d think somebody would mention that just for the weirdness factor.


  • Maybe I need something a little more flashy.  How about this:  Can the timing of the peaks below be mere coincidence?  Or has this all been just an Anglo-Irish-Canadio-American-Norsko-Swedish conspiracy, implemented via space-based lasers run by that notorious nexus of evil, the Acme Corporation?

Prove me wrong!

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