Post #1121: William and Mary, finishing out the week of testing

Posted on April 24, 2021

Friday’s test results showed no new COVID-19 cases.  The total stands a one case, so far, during William and Mary’s current round of COVID-19 census testing.

Source:  Calculated from successive days of data posted on the William and Mary COVID-19 dashboard.

There is an interesting difference between this round of census testing and the last round.  William and Mary will not test every student during this round of census testing.   Based on information released by W&M on April 13, 2021, students who are “fully vaccinated” are exempt from census testing.  A student is “fully vaccinated” two weeks after having received the last required dose of vaccine (one dose for the J and J vaccine, two doses for the others).

Among students who provided information, three-quarters reported having at least one vaccine shot as of 4/13/2021.  This suggests that an appreciable fraction of the student body may be exempt from census testing this time around.

The upshot is that I can no longer guess when the census test results are all in, based on the count of tests.  For all I know, they are already fully reported.

Despite that, the current round of census testing follows the same pattern as the last round.  Tests for three-quarters of students arrived in the first three days.  Tests for any remaining students, if any, will be reported at the rate of a few hundred per day.