Post #478: Bus strike

Posted on December 5, 2019

Above:  Fairfax Connector 463 bus route.

Just in case you hadn’t heard, the Fairfax Connector bus workers are on strike.  You can read about it at this link.

Per Fairfax County, it looks like the main Maple Avenue bus (the 463 route, Vienna Metro to Tyson’s Metro via Maple Avenue) should run on a Sunday schedule (hourly, 8 AM to 8 PM).  But if you read the details, that’s not guaranteed.  It will depend on how many drivers show up for work despite the strike.

According to Fairfax County’s Facebook page, the bus tracker website will show incorrect information.  It will continue to show a weekday schedule, so you can’t rely on it to tell you when the next bus is coming.

None of the other Connector routes in Vienna will be running.