Two public meetings this week, 2/18/2019, NOTICE FOR PUBLIC COMMENT

Posted on February 18, 2019

The Board of Architectural Review meeting scheduled for 2/21/2019 will take place as scheduled, and they will accept public comment on the buildings being discussed, including Sunrise Assisted Living (Maple and Center), the Wawa (Maple and Nutley), and the Starbucks drive-through (former Taco Bell).  

This week there are two public meetings regarding MAC zoning. One meeting will be a lengthy and detailed discussion of proposed amendments to the MAC zoning law.  The other will be a first detailed look at the proposed Sunrise Assisted Living facility at Center and Maple.

All meetings are in Town Hall. You may attend these meetings, Edit:  This statement was incorrect:   but you will not have any opportunity to speak. These meetings will not be videotaped or live-streamed by the Town.

I plan to make audio recordings of both meetings and will post a link to the recordings on   Listening to those recordings will probably be the best way for you to hear what was said if you don’t attend the meeting.

Cancelled due to wwather:  On Wednesday 2/20/2019 at 6:30 PM, there is a Planning Commission work session on proposed changes to the MAC zoning law.  This meeting may run close to four hours.  You can see my quick take on the proposed changes at:

Meeting materials, including the draft changes, are here:

On Thursday, 2/21/2019, 8:00 PM, the Board of Architectural Review regular meeting will have six items including plans the new Starbucks drive through (repurposed Taco Bell), and Wawa (repurposed Coldwell Banker building), and (last on the agenda) discussion of the proposed 100-bed Sunrise Assisted Living facility at Maple and Center.  

Meeting materials are here:

The Town reserves the right to change or cancel meetings on short notice, so check the Town’s general calendar before you go, at this URL: