Post #355: MAC-related public meetings this week

Posted on August 19, 2019

There are two public meetings this week relevant to MAC zoning.

Monday 8/19/2019, starting at 7 PM in Town Hall, Vienna Town Council will have a work session followed by a meeting at 8 PM. 

The work session (7 PM) will be a presentation on the “Joint Maple Avenue Corridor Multimodal Transportation and Land Use Study”.

No documents or other materials appear to have been posted for this session.  The web page describing this event can be accessed here:

The 8 PM meeting includes three relevant items:
Item 19-1308:  Feasibility study with options for a Patrick Henry Library parking garage.
Item 19-1378:  Rescinding the narrowing of Wade Hampton Drive for 380 Maple West (37 condos plus retail, Wade Hampton and Maple),
Item 19-1394:  Amending the existing standard commercial zoning to provide a streetscape closer to what MAC requires.

Meeting materials can be found at various points on this page:

See Post #347 for my writeup of what will be discussed.

Tuesday, 8/20/2019, at 7 PM in Town Hall, the Vienna Public Art(s) Commission agenda includes discussion of public art requirements for MAC projects.

The Town’s calendar announcement for the Public Art Commission is at this link:

The agenda for the Public Arts Commission (MicroSoft Word) is at this link:

N.B.:  The website calls this the Public Art Commission, the minutes are labeled Public Arts Commission.  I’m not sure which one is correct.