Post #389, Tuesday 9/24/2019 8 PM meeting of the Transportation Safety Commission

Posted on September 18, 2019

Please attend.

If you live in the area bounded by Nutley, Maple, and Courthouse,

And you tried to read one of these signs that went up today, as you were driving past …

They say this:

There’s a meeting of the Transportation Safety Commission, Tuesday 9/24/2019, 8 PM, in Town Hall. This is courtesy of Town Councilman Noble, who asked the TSC to look into potential safety improvements in our neighborhood.

In my opinion, this is in response to the coming MAC developments on Maple Avenue.  But there are enough existing safety issues on the older streets like Wade Hampton and Glen — like bind curves — that there are some things to talk about now.  In addition to anticipating the impact of these large MAC buildings.

You can find the agenda for this meeting on the Town of Vienna website at this location (.pdf).

The relevant item is #5 on the agenda:

“Discussion and Public Input: Town Council Motion to TSC
To initiate a transportation safety improvement study for the area bounded by Courthouse Road SW, Nutley Street SW and Maple Avenue W.”

If you have something to say — about sidewalks (or lack thereof) or any of a list of possible traffic calming measures — then now is the time to speak up.

Pass the word.