Post #592: A simple anti-face-touching method

Posted on April 1, 2020

Source:  Wikihow, How to Make Leather Vambraces,

I vaguely recall a story about naval cadets being required to wear a napkin on their sleeves, as some way to teach table manners.  I haven’t been able to track that story down, but I’m currently doing a little experiment to see if wearing a paper towel on my sleeve can keep me from touching my face with my hands.

As you know, US CDC now advises you not to touch your face.  In theory, if your hands are contaminated, you can transfer virus to eyes, nose, or mouth, where it can gain entry into your system.

I don’t know about you, but just thinking about not touching my face makes my face itch.  So now I have a paper … I think the right term is a vambrace (thus demonstrating that I have read way too much historical fiction).

A long-sleeved shirt, a clean paper towel, and two rubber bands, and I now have a paper town attached to my forearm.  When I get the “itchies”, I see it, and I use that, not my hands.  Not clear that it does much good in the home, but I want to get in practice for my next grocery shopping trip.

So far so good.