Post #844: Will the CDC be allowed to use the A-words now?

Posted on October 2, 2020

Source:  COMMENTARY: COVID-19 transmission messages should hinge on science.

Those being “aerosol” and “airborne”.

Near as I can tell, the President’s illness is being attributed to flying on Air Force One with Hope Hicks.  Which means that sitting around in a well-ventilated enclosed space, talking, without masks, was enough to allow the disease to be transmitted.

But I’m not holding my breath.  Based on what I read, the President already attributed Hope Hicks’ infection to being hugged a lot, by military and police.  Or something.  So — purely out of thin air, and with no evidence whatsoever — the President has already made up a story to explain Hicks’ infection as being unrelated to aerosol spread.

What will it take, before the CDC can say the A-words?  It’s not clear to me that’s ever going to happen under this administration.