Post #855: Trick-or-treating guidelines: The Town punts

Posted on October 7, 2020

I don’t track social media, but apparently the sum total of the Town of Vienna’s approach to guidance for Halloween has been to re-post the Virginia guidelines.  Which are the same as the Fairfax County guidelines.  Which are the same as the CDC guidelines.

Which don’t really offer any guidance at all.  They just provide subjective, qualitative rankings of various activities.

I guess I am not surprised.

I’ll reiterate my position.

The last thing you want, right now, is face-to-face trick-or-treating.  Don’t offer candy that way, don’t accept candy that way.

If you are going to participate as a homeowner, leave treats, in bags, where the kids can pick them up.

If you are going to participate as a kid, don’t go to houses where you don’t see candy put out in this form.  But please shout “trick or treat” as you pick up a bag of candy.  So that the homeowners know you’ve been there.

Wave, say hello, but otherwise keep your distance as you pass other families out trick-or-treating.

In the Town of Vienna, that should be sufficient to give us a COVID-safe Halloween.