Post #874: Halloween goodie bags are … selling out.

Posted on October 22, 2020

Source: These are sold out, but there are plenty of others available.

These and similar products are now undergoing the gradual shortage process that COVID-19 has made so familiar. 

In my last posting (Post #868, one week ago) Halloween goodie bags were largely available on Amazon.   Almost all were available.  Those that were sold out were few and far between.

As of last night, most are out-of-stock, with promise to be restocked before Halloween.   The large majority of offers of goodie bags said “In Stock on October 28” or later.    I’d say that one-in-five offers of bags had a promised restock date that was after Halloween.

Looks like American has voted with its wallet, as to what the preferred method will be for trick-or-treating this season.  This isn’t the year for face-to-face trick-or-treating.  Leaving bags of candy out for the kids is the obvious solution.  And many people are figuring that out.