Post #882B: Might as well add the following, re mask use in Virginia

Posted on October 28, 2020

Source:  Vote data from Harvard elections data repository, mask use from NY Times.

This is the obvious followup to my just-prior post.

Yep, even here, in the relatively sane Commonwealth of Virginia, heavily Republican counties tend to be lower-mask-use counties.  Note that it’s not close to proportional (i.e., the trend isn’t a 45-degree line, even though both axes are percents.)  I think that’s to some degree an artifact of survey methods.  This was a large internet-based survey, and likely over-represents younger generations.  By contrast, voters skew older than average.  So the voter data doesn’t exactly match the survey data.  Probably.

I guess I have to take this to the ultimate conclusion.

There’s no statistically significant relationship between percent voting Republican in 2016 and current case growth, in Virginia.  There’s nothing magically bad, from a public health standpoint, about having voted Republican.  There is something bad, from a public health standpoint, about not wearing masks.  That’s as deep as it goes.