Post #1258: William and Mary, wrapping up, total of 36 new cases for the week.

Posted on September 17, 2021

I’ve been asked to keep posting my tabulation of new COVID-19 cases at William and Mary.  Let me do this once a week, on Friday, assuming there’s nothing newsworthy going on.  You can’t recover the daily information directly from the  William and Mary COVID-19 dashboard.

That 36 cases is better than last week, but it’s still a bit high compared to college-age Virginians as a whole.  Using VA Department of Health data for those age 18-24, for this past week, at the all-Virginia age 18-24 new case rate,  we’d have expected 22 cases this week, for the roughly 6600 students on campus.  That does not account for differences in vaccination rate, testing rate, and so on between the William and Mary student body and the Virginia college-age population.  All it shows is that we’re somewhere in the ballpark of normal for a Virginia college-age population.