Post #803: Hahaha. No, really? So make it 11/4/2020.

Posted on September 3, 2020

Cannot be rescinded. Not even questioned.

The whole COVID-19 vaccine thing just won’t quit.  We now have the officially-appointed spokesmodel saying that a November 1 deadline for having a vaccine in place is pure coincidence, and has nothing to do with election day.

If you’re just a civilian, you may not see this the way I see it.  But, if you’ve been in the game, you realize there’s a huge amount of slack in any deadline like that. 

They have no firm estimate of fill-in-the-blank here.  For example:  Of how effective the vaccine is.  Of how capable the manufacturers are of delivering large quantities by that date.  Of how capable state public health offices are of delivering it.  Of what temperature the vaccine must be kept at.  Of whether or not people are willing to get vaccinated with it.  Of who, exactly, will be eligible to receive the first doses.

And, plausibly, of which vaccine, exactly, they’re talking about.

And yet, November 1, 2020 is set in stone.  Cannot be rescinded, not even questioned.  When, to a fairly close approximation, you could avoid any question of the appearance of impropriety by postponing release to, say, a day or so after the election?

At some level, I just get tired of asking how dumb they think we are.  If you believe the party line on this, I feel sorry for you.  And I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you.